Can I please have some good news?

My blood pressure has gone up. “Should I be concerned?” I ask. Yes. Yay. So… my doctor really is serious about resting. She said other than going to my appointments, I’m not to do anything (technically, I’m probably disobeying by being on the computer). Her definition of resting is 4-6 hours/day, lying on my left side. Arrrgh! I can’t even do housework. I suppose it’s a good thing the nursery isn’t done, otherwise I’d be arranging and re-arranging. Boy, will I feel horrible if the baby is worse off because I stayed on my feet all day cooking, baking, and washing dishes. *sigh*

I’m having another non-stress test this afternoon; my doctor asked that they check my blood pressure again, and then early next week. Now I’m paranoid. I’m already nervous because it’s November, and I’m 37 weeks on Tuesday… which means, technically, I’m to term and could go anytime. Phew! I’ve got a lot on my mental plate.