Look at those lips!

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I went to Women & Infants’ for my weekly ultrasound – and everything was okay. Phew! She was yawning for almost every picture – SO CUTE! Look at those lips! I said I have no idea how she can be so tired, and Phil said it’s from staying up all night, kicking me. Hehe.

She’s actually measuring slightly small for her due date, for which I was surprised (especially due to the fact that I’ve gained at LEAST 40lbs already!)… I’m hoping she stays on the small side! I still think she’ll be too big to come out!

It’s interesting how the doctors word their explanations, I guess so they’re not held liable for discrepancies. Today, he said “It looks like there is a very low risk that [your baby] could have anemia.” So… does that mean she COULD be sick and the machines just aren’t picking it up?? Grrrr.