cats make me laugh

One of the things I love about my cats is that they make me laugh.

Each of the cats decide if and when they want to come inside; I call them in at night, but sometimes one comes, sometimes both, sometimes they stay out all night. Petra hasn’t been around the past few days – and will probably come home with scratches on her head. *sigh*

The past couple of nights, I’ve let Twinkie into the main part of the house. She likes to climb on bed with us and sleep there most of the night; when Petra is in, she prefers the couch. Twinkie has been so silly; she did a couple things that I thought were soooo cute, and I just had to share.

She usually ends up wedging herself in the valley between Phil and me; I’ll wake up in the middle of the night, and my movement makes her start purring. Sometimes I’ll pet her because I can’t resist, but once I start, she wants me to keep petting her and I’m usually too tired. There’s a point in the early morning where, even if the alarm hasn’t gone off, the cats know it’s time to get fed and be let outside. They’ll start roaming and meowing; if I don’t indulge them, they may decide to lay back down and go to sleep. The other morning, Twinkie wouldn’t let me get back to sleep – she kept coming back onto the bed and meowing at me. Finally, all was quiet… until I felt a soft, gentle brush on my face. I awoke to see her sitting next to my head, a paw touching my face, a gentle but persistent askance to “feed me!” It was THE cutest thing – like she knew if she did it too hard she would scratch me! I started laughing, and got up to fill her dish.

Last night, I was trying to get my huge belly in a comfy position, and Twinkie decided to get herself comfortable right on top of me. I LOVE when the cats want to sit or sleep with me, so I tried not to move her… but eventually couldn’t stand the position I was in. I held onto her while rotating and, miraculously, she stayed where she was and went back to sleep. I cradled her soft little body in my arms for a while – until they got too cold and I had to put them under the covers! Sometime in the middle of the night, Twinkie stretched her paws towards me and rested them on my face – where she left them! Almost as thought she wanted to make sure her mommy was there!

Petra can be equally silly. I like to leave the bedroom window open at night, and she usually comes wandering up to the porch after I’ve gone to bed; just as I’m drifting off to sleep she’ll meow from right under the window. Mom says this is practice for the baby! Well, whatever the case, it can be very annoying. So I go into the addition, open the French doors which are just down the porch (and a couple rooms away) from the bedroom window, and call her in. Whenever the cats come from complete darkness into a lighted area, they’re all squinty-eyed until they adjust to the light – it’s so adorable to see them walking around with eyes almost completely shut! Well, such was the case with Petra… she promptly went to where we usually keep their food dish, which has been moved because we have been making progress with the addition. Well, it was the most pathetic sight – her blindly heading right towards where her food should be, meowing in protest at the absence of said dish, and wandering around with her eyes shut, in search of sustenance. I couldn’t stop laughing!

Before I let them out in the morning, they follow me around the house. This includes going to the bathroom right when I get up; I’ll leave the door open a crack, and snicker as I see an orange paw snake it’s way between the door and the wall, trying to push it open. Finally, they make enough room to push their heads in, and in they both come. I pet them, and they sit on the rug at my feet. Usually, this is done in their squinty-eyed fashion, as I don’t like to turn the bedroom light on and bother Phil. So… one morning Twinkie had come in after me and was standing on the bathroom rug; Petra comes in shortly after, and promptly walks right under Twinkie’s body, as though it were a bridge for her own enjoyment! Twinkie didn’t seem to mind; just picked her feet up and hopped over Petra. Hee-hee. They’re such silly little orange clowns.