Baby Update

I know some of you have been keeping track of the latest developments with Baby Curry. I forgot to post an update last week, but here’s the scoop:

I had my first apt at one of I don’t know how many Women & Infants’ buildings (we actually got a little lost on the way; I assumed it was the building directly across from RI Hospital, and you know what happens when you assume…). I had to go to the bathroom SO BADLY because I had had something to eat and drink before leaving, and THEN we were a little late (Phil was getting upset, so he was driving fast over bumps and taking sharp turns), and THEN I had to wait a while… PLUS my beloved little fetus kept kicking my bladder. I was NOT a happy camper, but I suppose it took my mind [somewhat] off the reason we were there.

The technician took a million photos, and wasn’t very conversational. When I asked her if everyone looked fine, she said “I don’t make a diagnosis; I’m not a doctor.” Oh – I thought they could still recognize what they were looking at. *shrugs* I dunno. Halfway through I was allowed to go to the bathroom, which was heavenly. Afterwards, a doctor came in, did a short scan, and told me what they’re basically looking for – they zero in on one particular vein/vesel, I guess near the baby’s heart, take some precise measurements, and determine whether or not anemia is present. The consensus was that the numbers were normal… PHEW!

BUT… I have to go back every week to get tested (so far just ultrasounds, no amnio), because it could change any time. I was EXTREMELY relieved that she was healthy as of last week… but I’m still worried since I have a number of weeks left to continue incubating my child. I go back tomorrow afternoon, and know that with each visit my heart will be in my throat.

The doctor seemed surprised that the baby hasn’t turned yet – and I thought I still had quite a bit of time left! I still haven’t experienced any kicks in the ribs, because she’s still breech. I’m wondering if I should be worried about THAT, too – another reason to anticipate a c-section. *sigh*

Thanks for your prayers, and keep ’em