Baby Shower

Yes, it was a surprise, despite the fact that I’d told a number of people NOT to surprise me! Oh well. The cover story: my sister-in-law Jen was hosting a birthday party for her sons at the fire department. I was wondering why she wouldn’t have it at her house, as usual, but get this – she asked me to make a cake for the boys! Which meant I would have been making my own shower cake! That really threw me off. I told her I wouldn’t be able to do it, because I was busy with Erin’s wedding cake the day before… which actually threw a wrench in the works, I gather, because the shower was originally planned for Saturday. Oops! It’s not my fault!

It was really nice, and I got to see a bunch of friends and family. I don’t have a lot of pictures myself, but am hoping some will get sent my way. Here are some of the ones taken at the end (click on image for larger view):

Nikki & me

Nikki, me, & Kat

Me, Kim, & Jen – all the pregger bellies!

Me, Kim, & Jen

Me, Kim, & Jen – pregger bellies up close!

Phil was surprised, too. He thought this was planned for our anniversary this weekend. I was highly disappointed; all along he’s been telling me he has plans for us, when really he was relying on THIS to be a stand-in. When I found out, I was like, “You mean, you didn’t really have anything planned all along?” He just gave me a sheepish grin. Phooey. My hope had been momentarily restored, all excited at the prospect that he was going to take me somwhere. *sigh* That’ll teach me…

I wish some of my friends who wanted were able to help out, but it seems my MIL took hold of the reigns as far as shower planning goes. There were some other people I had specifically wanted invited, but I don’t know if they were. Sorry! And afterwards I realized no one had made favors – I hope that’s not rude! I know it’s a nice thing to send people away with a parting gift – and we did send home lots of leftovers – but still. That’s something simple and meaningful the girls could have done – put together some cute, inexpensive favors. Too bad it’s taboo to throw your own shower – I was VERY blessed and appreciative – but I hope no one felt left out or offended. I reiterate: it’s not my fault!

Thanks to all who attended; official “Thank You”s will get mailed soon (hopefully)!