Erin’s Big Day… including, of course, her dream wedding cake

So another wedding cake under my belt. I’d say literally and figuratively, but I didn’t stay for dessert. Erin, I hope the cake tasted good! I was surprised how well it all came together; the ribbon I picked matched the flowers perfectly. And of course fresh flowers always looks good – just stick them in front of flaws, and you’re good to go! That’s why I like LOTS of flowers!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding, and Erin’s was outside. I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a couple from when the ceremony was starting:

I was dreadfully tired from working two really long days on the cake, getting up early to get ready and make sure everything was all set, nervously driving the cake to Dartmouth, and trying to be nonchalant in a group of total strangers (I just knew Erin’s fam).

Afterwards we went to Phil’s company clambake, where again I didn’t know anyone (well, some of them I’ve met, but don’t really KNOW)! There, I had some chowder and chatted with some people, but they weren’t serving any food (the stones for the clambake cooled off, so they had to get it going again) and we were hungry because we left the wedding early! We left for a fire dept. run just down the street, and when we came back the guys were badgering Phil to play horse shoes… so I took his keys and drove home (he works in Exeter, so home isn’t far).

Now, I’m just cleaning up a little and sharing pics of the wedding cake: