Getting Good at Sitting

What with my PT desk job, the canoe ride, stuck on the counter for an hour, and my wait at Kent County yesterday, I’d say I’m getting pretty good at sitting. Albeit not very comfortably.

Yesterday I went for my 28-week glucose screening, which every pregnant woman takes, and shot of Rhogamm, which I need because I’m Rh-negative. I had to drink this really sweet orange drink (tastes like flat orange soda), and get my blood drawn in exactly an hour. I drank it around 8:30am and got to Kent a little before 9:30am. Well… the waiting room was packed; it was fifteen minutes before they took my information, and another fifteen minutes till they actually drew my blood. Because I was there for the shot, I had to wait an hour for the blood test results, and then go up to Labor & Delivery.

I called my sister – she was supposed to meet me somewhere so I could get her big mixer for the wedding cake I’m making – and told her I would be later than I thought. We agreed that I would call when I was done – but both of us had to be places at 1pm. I got a book from my car, visited the gift shop, and decided to go to L&D early in case there was paperwork, whatever. I got there around 10:30. The receptionist made small talk, called the lab, and said they had JUST gotten the sample and it “should only be a few minutes.” Fine, whatever, I was expecting to wait until 11am anyway.

Eleven o’clock came and went, and still nothing. By this time I’ve gotten a few more chapters into my book, and am getting antsy. I told Laura I might be able to meet her around 11:30! More small talk, a restroom break, a few more chapters. Eleven-thirty comes and goes. Around noon, I heard someone inquire about a patient waiting for a shot of Rhogamm; I perked up and put my book away. Apparently, one of the other staff members was on the phone with someone from the lab, and they kept asking questions – is this my first pregnancy, had I had Rhogamm before, had I had any bleeding, yadda yadda. I was starting to get worried, and asked one of the nurses if I should be concerned. She tried to put my mind at ease.

Then she put me in another room – saying that’s where they would give me the shot anyway. She partially shut the door, and asked again, was this my first pregnancy, had I had any abortions, miscarriages, etc. Huh. Nope – at least, no miscarriages that I know of, but I’ve always been irregular. So I sat there, getting quite far in my book, tummy rumbling because I usually eat around noon… watching the minutes tick by on my cell phone because I knew it was too late to meet Laura, I had to be in for work at 1pm, and I still hadn’t gotten any lunch!

I heard someone ask the receptionist why “that girl” was still here – did the lab go out of state for the results? Hehe. Finally, around 12:30 I said I was sorry, but I had to leave. Just as I was heading out, someone from the lab came up – a concerned look, asking more of the same questions, and stating that I wasn’t a candidate for the Rhogamm shot because my blood “already had the antibodies.” I told her I was concerned, but that this sounded like a good thing – not needing medication. She agreed. I left.

Later on, I decided to research Rhogamm online. What I found has REALLY worried me. There are quite a few sites I visited to confirm the findings, see if there was anything else I should know, pick out the situation that seems to apply to me. Here’s a pretty good explanation of the tests they do and why.

Well, it sounds to me like I have the antibodies that will attack my baby’s blood if she’s Rh-positive, which is very likely because a small percentage of people are Rh-negative. By now, it’s too late to give me the medication… and it sounds like I could be looking forward to a whole slew of problems, including premature delivery and a really sick baby (including anemia and brain defects). The aforementioned website states, “If you didn’t get the shot… and you became Rh-sensitized [developed the antibodies] and your baby was Rh-positive, he would probably develop Rh disease (hemolytic disease).” I’M SCARED. I called my doctor but no one called me back. When I told Phil my concerns he teased me about worrying, then when he realized there might be something to it seemed to get defensive, saying HE doesn’t know what to do, HE doesn’t have all the answer just because he’s an EMT! I was just voicing my concerns! Arrrgh.

Please pray that everything will be alright. I have my next prenatal apt next week, but am anxious to find out whether or not my situation is at it seems.