Labor Day

What did you do for Labor Day?

After the usual early morning walk and breakfast with Mom, I headed home and got some things done around the house. Phil has been working on all the copper piping, and the moment of truth came when we turned the water back on and – lo and behold – no leaks! Pretty soon I can take a bath in our new upstairs bathtub! (pause) Well, not really – it’s not tiled or anything and you’re not supposed to get the blueboard wet. But I’m excited that it’s nearing completion.

We had talked about doing something during the day, but wasn’t sure what. Normally when we have any amount of time to spend together, this is how we decide what we’re going to do:

Phil: “So what do you want to do?”
Me: “I dunno… what do you want to do?”
Phil: “If we (meaning YOU) can’t decide on something I’ll just work around the house.”
Me: “Well, I can’t think of anything that doesn’t cost anything.”

So, more often than not, because I can’t come up with anything fun and FREE, we don’t do anything. Yesterday, we ended up packing a lunch and going canoeing. Well, Phil did all the work, and I just took in the scenery. We saw some beautiful flowers that we thought were a type of water lilies, but were later told are water orchids.

We didn’t see as much wildlife as usual, but there were lots of turtles (some of them really tiny) sunning themselves on logs,

a myriad of brightly-colored dragonflies, a few ducks, and even a blue heron – though we didn’t get a picture of the latter.

Along the way I got the overpowering smell of concord grapes – my favorite kind! Phil and I both want to grow some in our yard, and are hoping to get some plantings from my grandmother. Anyhoo – we looked on the banks of the river and saw tons of grapes hanging from vines, so we picked some to munch on. Upon studying them, I decided to wait until I got home so I could rinse off all the fine webs and tiny spiders. Ugh.


On the way back, I realized how uncomfortable I was hunched over the whole time, my pants digging into my preggo belly, and feeling the increasing need to pee. When I tried to stretch out in the bottom of the canoe, I stubbed my thumb on the big cooler and, in anger banged my fist against it. In these types of situations, Phil usually asks in an accusatory manner, “What’s WRONG?!” Of course, his tone in no way invites me to confide, so I was quiet the whole ride back.

We go canoeing on Wood River, which is (I believe) in Richmond. On the way back, we usually stop at Lickety Splits for ice cream, and I got Toffee Crunch with chocolate jimmies, mmm! Since I felt uber-grubby and kinda tired when I got home, I put all my clothes in the laundry, put on a thin nightgown, and settled down to watch a movie.

After Phil left for his Monday night work night at the station, I decided to clean up the kitchen. I had just about finished washing the dishes and cleaning the counters, when I went to move a tupperware pitcher so I could wash underneath it. Unbeknownst to me, there was a glass lurking just behind it, which I promptly knocked over. When it fell on the counter, it broke into pieces (I think because it already had a crack forming inside) – those pieces then fell on the floor and shattered into tinier pieces. There I stood, barefoot, in a nightgown, wondering what to do. Tiny shards were EVERYWHERE, and I could see glints of glass dust. I contemplated shuffling myself along on the rug in front of the sink, but was afraid glass pieces would cut through the fabric. It’s been getting more uncomfortable moving around these days as it is, I didn’t want to worry about painful cuts on my feet! Then I thought I could crawl on top of the counter, across the stove, on the other side of the counter, and get out of the kitchen that way – but I could see glass on that part of the floor, too. I was surrounded! The whole floor was covered, and it even reached the wood floor of the living room.

Phil told me he would have an early night, so I figured he would be home soon. I got tired of standing there in a tiny spot on the rug, and sat up on the counter. That got uncomfortable, so I decided to stretch my feet out across the sink. That didn’t last long; I tried to lean against the upper cupboards, but the spatulas were digging into my back. Long story short – I waited for an hour until Phil came home to rescue me. He meticulously swept up all the pieces, then vacuumed. Since he had it out, I decided to vacuum the whole house. At least it’s a little cleaner around here – but I’m making more space in my glass cupboard!