The Moment of Truth

I had my 5-month prenatal doctor’s apt today. I was dreading stepping on that scale! I don’t have one at home, so of course I look forward to these monthly (soon to be weekly) visits. Whenever the nurse asks how I’m doing, I tell her that I’m pretty much “fine,” just nervous about weighing in!

The Moment of Truth… she fiddled with the weights, back and forth, a little push here, an adjustment there – me aware of my belly sticking out in front, my butt in back and my hips to the side – until finally the metal bar stood still. *DEEP BREATH* “Not bad…” she says. I ONLY GAINED A POUND! I thought sure enough I would be well on my way to 180… 175 at least… but as of today I’m 172. *PHEW!* Guess all that walking with Mom in the morning has been paying off… because I sure as hell haven’t been able to cut out sugar! Let’s see how long I can keep up this gradual weight gain…

I had a different midwife today – there are three on staff and I get to meet all of them since I don’t know who will deliver my baby – and she told me more about some of the information she was collecting. I got to hear the heartbeat again, and she said it was about 170. Upon inquiry, she informed me that, no, a girl’s heartrate isn’t necessarily faster – that’s just a myth that somehow gets perpetuated. I guess they look for anything between 110-180 (or was it 190?), which I thought was a big difference, but whatever.

My belly measures 24cm – she said “24 weeks, 24 centimeters,” so I’m curious if the growth will continue that way. The midwife said she could see the linea negra forming on my belly, but I couldn’t tell – maybe it’s just really faint. (PAUSE) Ah, upon reading the definition, this makes sense: “Before it appears it may be more faintly visible as a línea alba (‘white line’).” But then it also says this: “Fair-skinned women show this symptom less often than women with darker pigmentation.” Huh. She said it won’t go away for a year, I was surprised. Good thing the bikini and I aren’t friends. :P

Next month, I take a glucose test for diabetes – I get to drink this bottle of uber-sweet orange liquid, get a blood test, then get a shot in the ass. Sounds like fun.