6 month preggers – episode beached whale

Actually, I’m six months one day, so give me a break! I’m telling ya, I feel like my belly has grown the most in the past few weeks. I tell Phil how fat I feel, and his response: “You’re pregnant!” Me: “But it’s the rate of growth I’m concerned about!” I dunno…

The pictures actually don’t look as “bad” as I feel – probably because you don’t get the full effect of my big ol’ hips, butt, and thighs as you would in person. Consider yourself lucky! For your viewing pleasure:

In these two I’m wearing maternity pants.

In these two I’m wearing regular pants, so the belly is more obvious!

Note to self: Wear black more often, it’s “slimming.”

Mom and I attended a “Basics of Baby Care” seminar at Babies R Us last night, and although I knew most of what they told us, it was still fun. And I got some FREE goodies! Keep that in mind, moms-to-be! The seminars are free, and you get free stuff! I already got a box of goodies when I went instore to add things to my registry, and this time my goody bag contained: another 9oz. Avent bottle, two Palmer’s cocoa butter diaper rash cream samples, a blue and white “I’m a Gerber Baby” bib, a sunshade (yay, I don’t have to buy one!), a little “Our Bundle of Joy” photo album, a sample bottle each of Johnson’s baby lotion and baby wash (plus an informative brochure that may or may not have coupons), a Huggies “Cuddleweave” diaper (I believe we now have a grand total of four diapers!), plus other misc. brochures and product ads.

I’m currently eating breakfast (fruit smoothie and a couple leftover blueberry pancakes with maple syrup), and Baby is kicking away. I must be messing up her schedule, because my days aren’t consistent. Normally, I’m up around 5:30-6am to get ready for my day and meet Mom for an early walk. Wednesdays I’ve been sleeping in, and having breakfast after 9 – maybe she’s just hungry?? Hehe.