Pink or blue?

I just came back from my 5 month ultrasound! I was so anxious, hoping all the measurements would show that Baby is healthy and growing like it’s supposed to. Phil came with me, and it was nice that he could see something’s really going on in there – it’s not just in my head! (pause) Er, rather, in my belly… or something. Anyhoo…

The technician took lots of pictures – measurements of the brain, spine, different bones and organs. What fun with a full bladder! Although I soon forgot, amazed with the images. The baby was turned away from us, OF COURSE, but after some moving and prodding we were finally able to get some clearer pictures – click on ’em to enlarge.

5 month ultrasound - Baby sucking its thumb!
Sucking its thumb!

I got to see some nifty 3D images, although Baby was favoring an uber-scrunched up position so at first all we could see were arms and legs covering the face. Below you can see a cute profile – look at that lil’ nose!

5 month ultrasound - 3D profile
3D profile image

I had opted not to get any blood tests or other genetic testing done, and was relieved to see that everything looks fine. Phew! Baby already has cute features! Although I can’t tell if it looks like Phil or me… hehe. Finally, we were able to get a picture of the nether regions. The technician asked my opinion, so I looked closely at the screen, and guessed… and I was right! It shouldn’t be too hard – in fact, it’s spelled out for you! Take a look:

5 month ultrasound - pink or blue?
Peekaboo, pink or blue???