Belly Pictures!

Okay, first of all – my apologies for lack of makeup and overall unattractiveness of the photos, but whatever. I just can’t be bothered to edit them for the sake of my own comfort and vanity. Hehe. The 7 month belly picture didn’t really come out too well – it’s more of a close-up, so you can’t tell the difference since it already looks big!

The first photo is approximately nine weeks, at the end of April – we took this upon getting home from the Weekend to Remember marriage conference. The second was taken last night – I know, I know, it’s significantly bigger than it should be, but keep in mind it’s 4 months, two whole days!, PLUS dinner! (afterthought: nevermind all that extra food I’ve been eating… which would account for the pregnant thighs and rear)

9 weeks

Remember: 4 months, 2 days, and dinner!