Going at it like rabbits

Being pregnant opens up a whole new world of pet peeves – although I suppose they’re just expansions on general pet peeves. Such as rudeness, tactlessness, not knowing where the boundaries lay, and so forth. We had some, ah, er, shall I say “interesting” patients in the office on Saturday. Their visit is a story for another day, but let’s just say when I finally felt it necessary to reveal the fact that I’m expecting, one of them (after obligatory hugs, even though I don’t really know them) asked the inevitable, “Were you trying?”

Why why why is this an acceptable question to ask a woman?

If you say “yes,” then visions of you and your husband going at it like rabbits dance around in their heads, and it just seems too intimate to reveal any sort of details pertaining to your sex life (whether or not you had to have lots of sex to achieve the pregnancy). If you say “no,” then it’s all frowns and worrisome brows, and the next question comes up, “oh… are you happy about it?” Arrrrgh!

Said person asking said rude question then proceeded to tell me of her experience with breast feeding, how it’s painful and gave her cracked nipples and blah blah blah. Oh wait, I’m getting into the L-O-N-G story of their visit! Suffice to say, though they are Nice People, they are overly familiar and have no business sticking their noses in such places.

Secondly, on a somewhat different topic but still concerning kids and families in general – my mom gave me a Focus on the Family Action newsletter, which pertains to the fact that the government is trying to impose stricter taxes upon married couples and families in general. I have raved many times in the past how it seems too hard to raise a family these days, and now that we’ve started ours, I’m all the more anxious.

Listen to this: “… the Democratic Congress is seriously considering a series of sweeping tax increases that will make parenting even more difficult. Their proposal calls for an elimination of every tax cut in the past seven years, totaling $400 billion. It would slash the child tax credit in half, reducing it from $1,000 to $500. Death taxes would rise to the highest level ever, and tax brackets would increase substantially in every bracket, even for low-income families. These ‘working poor’ would be assessed a staggering 15 percent! Whatever happened to the promise that only the ‘rich’ would be hit? Instead, there will be tax increases for absolutely everybody.

“The most onerous of the proposals is the re-imposition of the ‘Marriage Penalty Tax,’ which for 32 years (1969 to 2001) forced moms and dads to pay federal income tax at a higher rate than unmarried people living together out of wedlock. Does this make any sense whatsoever? The public should be up in arms by the mere suggestion of this assault in the financial viability of the home!”

The newsletter goes on, and it’s rather disparaging. How can we raise a generation of healthy, godly children if we a) can’t afford to have them in the first place, b) can’t afford the necessary care and items for their wellbeing, and c) can’t even spend quality time with them because we’re no doubt forced to work outside the home? If the government would cut back on its exorbitant spending to research the… the… the… I dunno, lifespan of a May fly or the outrageous idea of building a space elevator, we wouldn’t be in this position! I am SO PISSED.