De ja vu

Bad things come in threes, right? Are there certain qualification for a Bad Thing? Two grandfathers passed away, my cousin is badly injured… or perhaps she doesn’t count, because she lives in MN and will technically be alright? I dunno. But now one of my cats is missing – it’s like Nala all over again. She also went missing on a rainy night.

I had started letting the cats out during the day because they wouldn’t keep quiet in the mornings, and woke me up earlier and earlier every day. We had a pretty good system down – I would let them out first thing, and sometime in the evening I would let them both in. Well, we had company over last night, so I let them in the house earlier so they could “mingle.” They were restless, because they wanted to be outside, and somewhere along the line Petra got let out after dark. She didn’t come when I called, and when I got home from work today Twinkie was still solo. I hope she’s alright.