Grandpa Sorensen

Well, I’m officially grandfather-less. Grandpa Paul passed away last night after almost two week in the hospital. I suppose it’s an “answer to prayer” that he didn’t linger on the way Grandpa Norman did, but it’s sad nonetheless. I had hoped to visit him again; Mom called last night to say he wasn’t doing so well, and I was going to go in with her today after church or something. This morning, I got an e-mail from Dad that he had passed away during the night.

Please keep my family – especially my grandmothers, who are now on their own – in prayer. Thanks

Sorensen Grandparents - Christmas 2005Sorensen grandparents Christmas 2005

Grandpa Sorensen - Christmas 2006Grandpa Sorensen Christmas 2006;
caught him grinning in the middle of a wrapping paper fight