My Grandfather

I just found out that my grandfather – the one not languishing in the hospital with a broken neck and other complications – fell down his stairs today and smacked his head really hard on the floor. He’s at the hospital, unconscious and unresponsive – they’re doing x-rays to see what kind of damage has been caused.

I started bawling when I heard. I’ve been bummed lately anyway, and now I’m just sad for all my grandparents. I told Phil – “why can’t they just die of natural causes?” I know old people lose their balance, fall, break stuff… but it seems like such a trend lately. There’s the broken neck, his wife’s recent broken nose, my other grandmother’s many falls (I think one of the falls broke her hip, but that was a while ago), and now my other grandfather.

It seems so senseless that people fall and get horrible, or otherwise fatal injuries. I really don’t know how to pray – I mean, perhaps they’re meant to be failing in the hospital. It’s terrible, but what do I know? And my poor grandmothers, having to go through this. *This* is why they need to be in assisted living, but they’re so stubborn!

I know I’m lucky to even have all four of my grandparents alive, but I just don’t want to see them go through these things. I don’t want my parents to get old, *I* don’t want to get old – and I certainly don’t want to put my children and grandchildren through these things! People are always saying they want to live long, but why bother if these things are going to happen?


Please add this to your prayer list.