Love at First Sight

A red-letter day: I had my first ultrasound! I am SO EXCITED! I really thought I would be heart-broken – it’s all in my head and there will be this blob of unformed cells or the baby will be void of life. Well, much to my delight, I witnessed this tiny little jelly-bean-with-feet figure, bobbing around (more like a jumping bean), looking quite comfy in my womb. Click on picture for full-size image.

9 week ultrasound!  Jelly bean with feet!   9 week ultrasound

All of the sudden the technician pressed a button and I could hear the heartbeat – “thumpthumpthump!” I started giggling I was so excited; this muffled the sound and she told me I had to be still – so hard to do! It was relatively easy picking out the simple anatomy – the large, curled-over head, and the feet sticking up in the air! She also took a 3D image, and you can see the face and the umbilical cord.

9 week ultrasound - closeup   9 week ultrasound - 3D image

Hard to believe this is all going on inside me! Nikki (Auntie “Icky,” as she will most likely affectionately be called at first) met me there, and she was the first to see the glimpses of Baby Curry. This is definitely more real to me – I can’t stop smiling and looking at the photos. When Phil came home I was grinning like a fool, skipping and hopping and nearly tripping over my own feet in excitement. I think my excitement is what really makes him smile. *grin*