My mom gave me a couple issues of Today’s Christian Woman magazine. In the November/December 2006 issue, there’s an article entitled “Radical Gratitude,” in which the writer speaks of a dying friend. This dying friend, Marcia, takes particular comfort in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

The writer wonders how she could give thanks for the terminal disease in her friend, but decides to try to do it, however illogical it seems. She comes to realize that “The verse says in everything give thanks, not for everything. There’s a big difference in those two little words. God would never expect our gratitude toward things he finds repugnant or evil. However, as our Creator, he knows an overall attitude of thankfulness frees us from the grip of fear, worry, or hopelessness.”

I think that’s such a great way to keep our perspective without getting cynical with God’s commands – like me! I tend to fight against things I know I’m supposed to do, especially if they go against all logic. I couldn’t imagine giving thanks for some of the things in my life… but I can definitely give thanks IN them.

In the most recent issue of Reader’s Digest, there’s a page entitled “Best Cheap Fun!” It gives cheaper alternatives for getting your kicks rather than paying an arm and a leg at the movie theatres these days. Here are some of the ideas:

Photo Booth. While you wait for your strip to be developed, reach up and feel around the top of the booth. People often toss their embarrassing outtakes up there.


Your cat. blow into his face. Stick your fingers in his mouth as he yawns. Put him on a leash and try to take him for a walk.

The sight of a dog wearing one of those medical lampshades on its head. For immediate gratification, do a Google image search for “Elizabethan collar,” which is what veterinarians call it.

Type “yink” into your spell checker and read the suggestions out loud.

Those 25-cents horsy rides outside WalMart.

Root for the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium.

Lie down in a cow pasture. If the herd is far off, yell to get their attention, then immediately drop down and lie flat. The entire heard will come galloping over and form a tight circle around you, staring down at you with intense bovine curiosity. [The author has] tried this three times on two different continents. It’s marvelously surreal.

Okay, enough with the magazine excerpts. Now onto the important stuff – PREGO NEWS: I’m officially past the two-month mark, and can’t wait to be into the second trimester so I won’t constantly fear a miscarriage. I’m still thrilled, but am no longer losing sleep with excitement (and a host of other things) like I did at first. I’ve become more used to the idea – if you can ever get “used” to the idea that you’re growing and housing a baby inside your body! I still feel special and awed and of course anxious at the whole prospect… but now that I’m getting chunky (and it’s still early on!) and my skin isn’t fit for public viewing, I’ve become a little bummed.

I’m UBER-excited for my first ultrasound next week; even though I took the pregnancy tests, went to the doctor, and have felt some of the popular pregnancy symptoms, there’s part of me that almost doesn’t believe it’s actually happening and I really want to see it on-screen.

Now if only we’d get some nice weather so I can get my huge ass in gear and go for a walk.