Dropping the Bomb

That’s what Phil called it, and I told him I didn’t like the negative connotation – I kept whispering to him how nervous I was (and had been about making The Announcement ever since discovering the news for myself), and he kept whispering back, “Let’s just drop the bomb and run!” At least it made me smile

The Official Story
We told the family on Easter Sunday. I had been so nervous and excited at the propect, and we have finally [Dropped the Bomb]. *BOOM!* I made up some plastic Easter containers of candy, a little plastic baby item, and one of a few different sayings (Bible verses, metaphors, etc.).

We hit my family first – after dinner, I walked around with The Basket and passed out The Gifts (all the while hearing little explosions in my head).

The Basket

Everyone sort of looked at them and said how cute they were, yadda adda. No one opened them! I glanced around the table, smiling slightly, my hands trembling, munching on some candy, waiting…

Laura was the first to finally get to the announcement inside. I think hers read, “We’ve got a bun in the oven! Will test done in November 2007” and was accompanied by a tiny rocking horse. She softly exclaimed, smiled at us, and gave us a big hug. I think it dawned that there was Something Important going on.

a peek inside…

Dan thought his rattle was because he’s the “baby” of the family, but I shook my head and smiled and he finally saw his Bible verse: “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. Adding the first arrow in November!”

George – an old friend of the family who is a rather portly, ex-maffia member who can’t read or write, and who’s hard of hearing – was sitting next to Dan, saw the rattle inside his Easter egg, and exclaimed, “You’re a baby!”
Dan: “No, George, Karla’s having a baby.”
George: “You’re a baby – haha!”
Dan: (louder) “No, George – KARLA’S HAVING A BABY!”
George: (still louder) “YOU’RE A BABY!” More laughter ensues. My dad, sitting on his other side, says, “GEORGE! – Karla’s having a baby.”
George: “What? Haha.” (still thinking this has to do with Dan)
Dad: “Karla’s pregnant!”
George: “She just found out?”
Dad: “WE just found out!”
George: “Haha! You didn’t know?”
Dad: “She just told us today!”
George: “Haha!”
*sigh* Sometimes you just have to let it go!

They were all happy for us, and we took our leave to Drop the Bomb on Phil’s family.

Phil (hamming it up for the camera) & me after telling the family

Of course, his family thought it was just candy. They had already eaten their full by the time we got there, and were going to save them for another day – but Gram Curry (who had come with us to my parents’ house and was already privy to The News) cheated and showed Mort (my father-in-law) her already-opened announcement. He smiled and gave us a thumbs-up sign. Tim (my brother-in-law) thought the toy inside his egg was candy, and kind of laughed about it, not getting it. He saw the piece of paper inside his: “Our egg will hatch in November”? (pause) “Ohhhh! Congratulations!” At this point, everyone picked up on it. My sister-in-law was like “Really, you’re pregnant?” I think she was shocked because she’s been “encouraging” me to have kids for some time now, and didn’t believe that time had actually arrived. Then ensued “Congratulations!” and “How are you feeling?” When I said I was fine (other than being really tired), the women gave this sort of collective sigh of disappointment like they had to deal with morning sickness while I was free from this impediment. I got plenty of advice, and came home with a new baby outfit, “fire truck Phil” toy, and a big bin of maternity clothes. Phew!