The Miller Pad

It seems like anything of substance has just been going on in my head these days, over and over, and it’s just too much effort to regurgitate it onto the computer. Consider yourselves lucky! I can officially say, however, that I have a glimmer of a social life! *grin*

Last night, Phil and I went over Matt[hew] and Becky Miller’s apartment. Nikki and Micah were there, too, and it was great seeing the former for the third time this week! That’s a record since high school! Anyhoo… Nikki made this glorious potato, bacon, and cheese soup – It was accompanied by some French bread and I could have had a few bowls of that and called it a meal! BUT there were other dishes to be had. Becky concocted this wondrous layered salad – lettuce, green onions, cheese, egg slices… what else? I don’t know, but it was really good. The main dish was this scrumptious chicken, mushroom, and artichoke dish and rice. Aside: I’ve wanted to cook with artichokes but just haven’t bitten the bullet, as it were. Oh – I brought a pan of a healthier version of dark chocolate cream cheese swirl brownies; pretty good, in my estimation. Next time, though, I think I’ll make my four layer bars (graham cracker crumbs, coconut, chocolate, and peanut butter – heavenly!).

Entertainment was provided by resident – but as yet unproclaimed – comedians Bugaboo and Katherine. “Bugs,” as I think he’s affectionately known, has this feather attached to what is basically a plastic fishing rod. Go fish for kitty, basically! We got a hoot watching him run all over the living room furniture trying to catch it. And you just have to see him play fetch with his aluminim foil balls!

Katherine is SUCH a sweetie pie! I’ve seen her a couple times in person, and numerous times in pictures that Becky has posted. It’s so neat to watch babies grow into their look and personality! She was pretty much content as long as she had something to look at and some soothing music playing in the background. Listening to her “talk” to herself and randomly laugh was hilarious. It was a nice experience having a not-crying baby on my lap for once! I always feel like other people’s babies are extremely aware of the fact that I’m a stranger/not his or her mother/worried that he or she will cry/whatever… and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! Or something. Anyhoo, I told Phil on the way home that it really makes me want my own. *wistful smile*

We stayed till an unfashionably late hour having a blast playing Dutch Blitz and High Low Jack – much fun! I could have fallen asleep at work today, I’m not used to staying up that late! All for a good cause.