I don’t know if any of you have ever met our friend, Jim – we’ve known him since the kids were little. I forget how my parents met him, but he came to live with us when we lived at our house in Warwick. He’s been a part of the family ever since.

Even before he met us, he belonged to the RSA – and was responsible for getting us interested in medieval fairs (King Richard’s, in particular). On more than one occasion he played the role of king at these fairs, and was involved with many other re-enactments.

He was a great chef, and held numerous jobs in this profession over the years. He always gave us sumptuous goody trays over the holidays – the most famous being a huge gingerbread house production that he gave us one year. We didn’t have a tree that time, and this gingerbread house stole the show – it took up a whole table, and we picked on it for days!

In more recent years, Jim had been very sick with liver disease. After a long hospital stay, various treatments, and a move to hospice, he passed away yesterday morning – at the same time he was born, according to his mother. We have lots of good memories with Jim, and he will be missed.