smoosh post

Well, it seems there hasn’t been much to post about lately. Pretty sad when the last thing I had to say was my answers to the Friday Five. Arrrgh. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always something going on in my life… but I don’t feel the obsessive need to tell my… my one reader all the sordid details. Hehe – sordid. (pause) Then time goes by, and I just don’t feel like dredging up all the details.

Well, I guess I’ll just smoosh a whole bunch of stuff together into one entry, instead of cleverly arranging my tidings into aptly-named entries. That’s just too much work for me right now. And I can’t believe I haven’t given so much as a thought to Christmas shopping! Until now, that is…

Well, today I got my kitties fixed. There was NO possible way I was taking them to my regular vet, not after they charged me $80 to check their eyes. Good grief. It was $65 for each cat at the discount spay/neuter shelter right here in town, and I saved up my cleaning money for a month. It was so hard not to spend it! I had to take some ones out for the Newport bridge though – hehe, Nikki. I’m so poor (relatively speaking, of course – the “luxuries,” you understand)!

Anyhoo… I filled out a form for each cat this morning, and when I brought them to the mobile vet trailer and handed them the cat carriers, the vet came out and said – your cats are both GIRLS. HUH?!?! Now, in case you don’t recall the continuing cat saga – when I first got the cats from the shelter, I was told they were both boys; my vet FELT THEM BOTH UP and said that one of them was in fact a girl (hence the name change, and the added exclamation: great! – now I have to worry about them gettin’ jiggy with it… or is that a reference to drugs?); now they’re both girls?! Needless to say, I was confused… and told the guy as much. I mentioned the little tidbit about my vet, and he said, “I’d like to know what she was feeling.” HA! Well, he did in fact work on their reproductive organs today, so I guess his word is gospel, as far as I’m concerned. So there you have it: I have two female cats!

The poor little things. They were tired and somewhat woozy, and their bums were slightly swaying as they walked… and kind of close to the ground. Very tentative. Whenever they tried to jump up, they kept falling down because they weren’t strong enough to pull themselves up – it was so endearing, and they were so confused as to why they couldn’t get up on the couch when they do it every day! At least my counters will get some peace tonight. *sigh* Their lower bellies are shaved – so cute! When I brought them home they kept sitting, hunched over, licking themselves… and falling asleep in that position! I wish I had the digital camera handy. Petra is currently sleeping under the covers – she doesn’t usually do that, but she seems cold and fragile this evening. [Stinky] Twinkie slept in my lap a good portion of the afternoon – I was in my element. I LOVE when the cats sit in my lap. Needless to say, it’s very quiet around here – and it’s nice for a change.

We had a high school “reunion,” if you can call it that. I keep feeling the need to use the quotes, even in my head. A bunch of old classmates got together – but it wasn’t by any means large scale. That’s fine, though. I went with Nichole and Micah because I didn’t know where the place was, didn’t know if Dan was going, and wanted to go with friends anyway. We were late because we had to run errands and – ironically – couldn’t find the place. Hehe. But all in all I had a great time – I was nervous at first, but managed to keep up conversations with a number of people. Wow, sometimes it just hits you how fast time is going and how old you really are! And of course… how little you (by that I mean “I”) have accomplished. *sigh* I ended up getting to bed after two in the morning, and totally sleeping all Sunday morning. Here are some pictures I took; Nikki has some better ones.

Ooh, on Thursday of last week Mom and I went to Becky’s Pampered Chef party. I had a great time, even after I realized I was the only one who didn’t know everyone else. Hehe. I finally got to meet Bugaboo (beautiful, if not totally spaz-tic, Bengal – didn’t get to see his cuddly side), Katherine (what gorgeous hair! And she totally looks like Matthew), and the Miller’s gorgeous pad (I love the green walls, candles… and of course tassels galore!). Not to mention – the Pampered Chef demonstration was fun, educational, and extremely yummy!

In other news: I am FINALLY getting a treadmill! I am SO excited. I’ve been extremely depressed about my expanding girth in unwelcome areas, and have been wanting a treadmill for ages. I could totally exercise for two hours while watching a movie – but can’t seem to just stand in front of the TV following an exercise DVD for an hour. And the weather hasn’t been the greatest for going outdoors. Keeping my fingers crossed that the excitement won’t wear off… and that I’ll be able to find a place to store it when I’m not using it.

Well, Thanksgiving approaches – and I’m having the whole gang over here. Woo-hoo. I’m looking forward to our tradition of telling what we’re thankful for – I’ll have to give that some thought. What are YOU thankful for? Have any unique holiday traditions? Eat anything besides turkey and cranberry sauce? God, I love food. *sigh*