i love…

I love the SIGHT of:
1. Philip’s dimples
2. a snoozing kitty
3. wildflowers
4. freshly fallen snow
5. lightning

I love the SMELL of:
1. goodies baking in the oven
2. Philip’s face after he shaves
3. lavender (& other misc scents)
4. Jovan White Musk (& other misc perfumes)
5. the Autumn air

I love the TASTE of:
1. truffles
2. deviled eggs
3. fresh fruit
4. bourbon salmon
5. ice cream

I love the SOUND of:
1. laughter
2. thunder
3. a familiar voice
4. guitar/piano/instrumental (esp. Celtic) music
5. Christmas music… but only AT CHRISTMAS!

I love the TOUCH of:
1. anything soft – a kitty, fuzzy blanket, whatever
2. a cool breeze on a warm, sunny afternoon
3. someone who loves me
4. a trusting baby
5. anyone willing to give me a massage!

I would most mourn the loss of my sense of:
I don’t know, this is a tough one… perhaps sound or sight.

I love my:
1. family
2. friends
3. kitty
4. home
5. name

I love:
1. laughing (esp the kind where you can hardly breathe and tears are rolling down your face)
2. when I make people laugh
3. making others feel special
4. watching movies
5. eating!

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