the simple things

recently, someone accused me of being “VERY NEGATIVE.” whereas i know i tend to be a glass-half-empty kind of person, i was mildly offended at this impression. especially since, objectively browsing around my website and here on xanga, i didn’t find anything that could be construed as such.

sure – one of my last posts complained about the weather and the illegal immigrant situation (c’mon, who isn’t bothered by those at some point?), but scroll down and you’ll find a delightful post about the may breakfast i attended with my family, a stroll down childhood memory lane, and so forth. i tend to write when something upsets me or i’m sad, contemplative, more so that when i’m happy – it’s just that writing is a kind of therapy for me. but i thought i would take the time to post about some of the simple pleasures that have brought a smile to my face in the past few days, things i might not ordinarily bother to convey.

chocolate cool whip – in case you missed my last post. :)

the hoops & yoyo section at hallmark – they have the funniest e-cards! just the other day i sent the one entitled “your birthday is today-o!” to one of my friends. the characters’ antics have me in stitches! must to check out yourself.

my cat, nala – recently she has started climbing in my lap out of her own volition. since getting her as a kitten, i’ve been somewhat distressed that she doesn’t have the personality i long for in a cat – a quiet, yet playful, cuddly companion. more often than not, she wanders around warbling (she’s forever in a heat-like state), rubbing against anything and everything, leaving clumps of white fur in her wake. i was so delighted when, sunday morning, she hopped onto my lap, circled a few times, plopped down, and curled herself into a tight little ball to take a nap. i didn’t want to get up and disturb her when it was time to leave for church!

the fickle weather – sure, i don’t really care for the rain, but over the weekend there was the most intriguing mix of stormy-ness and sunshine. at one point, i was lying in bed next to the window, reading a book, when it started raining, thundering, and lightning. all of the sudden, the sun broke through the clouds, but the storm continued. so cool.

free stuff – my boss and his wife told me i could have their old hutch, and i finally convinced philip and his dad to pick it up for me over the weekend. it needs some tlc, but i’m looking forward to fixing it up. i’m not sure yet what i want to do with it – i’m thinking of antiquing it, maybe with some white paint, and sanding off the top layer. I want to put some nice hardware on the drawers below, and maybe put some funky fabric or wallpaper on the inside so it shows through the glass. any ideas?

sleep – i have been so tired lately, i’m convinced something is wrong with me. luckily, i haven’t been as busy as usual, so i’ve been able to sleep in some mornings. during the storm on sunday, we lost power, and the darker it got the less there was to do around the house! we finally went to bed early, affording some much-needed shut-eye.

morning talk shows – i usually tune to 92.3 or 93.3 while I’m driving to work or wherever in the morning, and the personalities on those shows always crack me up! sometimes i feel like such a goofball, grinning widely or chuckling aloud in the car at some joke they’ve made, or the hilarious listener calls/stories they receive.

books – a more recent favorite author of mine is jane green. i have read a few of her books: jemima j., bookends, to have and to hold, a couple others whose names escape me now, and currently i’m reading the other woman. she is a british author, so her stories are set in the uk, and i find i can relate to most of her characters by way of personality, relationships, other life experiences, what have you.

movies – sometimes i want something new to watch; “fresh blood,” as it were. but other times i browse through my collection of tapes/dvds and settle on an old favourite. the other day i exercised to “wild hearts can’t be broken” – god, i love that movie! i never tire of it.

aaaaaah, good stuff.