chocolate cool whip

i get cool whip – and the generic store-brand equivalent – whenever it goes on sale for $1. i use about 1-2 tablespoons every morning when i make peanut butter topping for my pancakes, so i end up going through it rather quickly. and i like to have a tub in the freezer in case i need to whip up an easy dessert.

last time i went to the store, the cool whip versions were on sale, and i decided to give the chocolate flavor a try. not bad! i’m eating it straight out of the carton, directly from the freezer, and it’s like a mild ice cream (and i don’t like chocolate ice cream). you should try it.

this afternoon at work i had started typing up a post on various positive things in my life at the time being, but i forgot to print it out. oh well. consider this number one on the list: chocolate cool whip. yum.