Ramblings & Rants

i finally got access to my father’s ftp server so i could fool around with my website. i’ve been helping my sister with a website project – mainly the measly html code, but it’s just copy/paste for the most part, nothin’ fancy. anyhoo, i have a trial version of dreamweaver (page building software), and it’s neat some of the stuff it can do. granted, i don’t have the time nor the patience to figure it all out… but at least it got me inspired to fix up my own spot on the www.

then i found createblog – i think nikki used one of their layouts on her myspace page – and they have some pretty snazzy layouts that have been submitted by various artists. the one i chose for xanga is kinda purty, except that a box pops up every time i open the window – something about activating controls or whatever. see, i really don’t know that much about computers, or else i would know what that means. =sigh=

i should probably mention something about mother’s day being tomorrow, but my mom doesn’t read my blog so it wouldn’t do any good to make a huge fuss about it. in any case: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you moms out there – one of the hardest, thankless jobs in the world. and i know of a few moms-to-be who must be pretty excited about the prospect of celebrating next mother’s day in a different fashion. *grin*

well, i’m all alone this weekend. even though this is quite often the case, i don’t usually have the house to myself for days in a row – there are always more meals to cook, more dishes to wash, more laundry to do, someone else to clean up after and “get along” with. it’s freeing, in a way, but also kind of a bummer because of the circumstances. i kept hoping He would call, but i guess he’s just too busy. what else is new?

rain, rain, go away!

* * *

i’ve never been very eloquent in expressing my opinions, but this is just sickening. many of you probably heard about the students who protested against the law that targeted illegal immigration. as the article puts it, a “law that would criminalize illegal immigration.” um, hello, isn’t that redundant?

anyhoo… apparently, some of the same protestors (i presume) put up the mexican flag above the american flag – which is flying upside down!

now, i’m not uber-patriotic; i’m not racist and i’d like to think i don’t discriminate… but how am i, as an american, supposed to feel about this? it fucking pisses me off that trying to crack down on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION would create such an uproar! and they wonder why we’re trying to keep ’em out. *shakes head*

i’m ashamed to say it, but the older i get, the more i witness – the more disenchanted i’ve become with our world, with society and the way the corrupted government works. i don’t know how to be a christian, be loving and “tolerant,” while at the same time wanting to preserve some of the good things in life. it seems these things are often opposed to one another – welcome them, and they take advantage. what’s that children’s story – “give a moose a cookie”? maybe it’s another animal, but the point is that a cookie is never enough, he’s going to want more.

i understand being a hospitable country… but allowing everyone who wants to live here, especially if they’re illegal aliens? i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it just screws it up for the legitimate citizens, those trying to get by and raise families (start them, even!). i’m not the most educated person, so i’m sure there are many other facets i’m not even considering. it just pisses me off. and i suppose this is a small matter in comparison – but why does everything nowadays come with a spanish translation? sometimes you can’t even find the english! if that’s not an indication of where america is heading, i don’t know what is.