april showers bring… more may rain?

i’m so sick of this rain! i understand rain is good for the ground, the flowers and plants, yadda yadda – but it’s not good for my mood! the weekend was pretty good, though, i’ll have to admit (albeit somewhat windy).

on saturday i met my family for a may breakfast; i haven’t been to one of those in ages! it was really fun. the food at these type of events tends to be somewhat soggy and tasteless, but it was just nice to be with my parents, grandparents, and some of the sibs. we stayed there for quite a while; a group of “pimply-faced” (as my sister put it) boyscouts waited on us, and my mom pointed out and cracked up at this one kid with spiked hair (because that smacks of obvious rebellion, didn’t ya know?) with a dishcloth draped properly across his arm. hehe.

i remember may breakfasts growing up. i forget the name of the church where we went, but it was right down the street from my paternal grandparents. we would go there early in the morning before school, get in line like everyone else, stuff our faces, and buy fudge-laden may baskets for the sole purpose of buttering up the teachers upon arrival at school. i love may baskets! alas, there weren’t any for sale this weekend, and we didn’t make a special trip for the express purpose of locating any, but what fun memories.

anyhoo… after breakfast on saturday, the three of us “kids” who did drag ourselves out of bed and attend the event decided to go to nearby garden city and walk around. we went to border’s (dan wanted to look for a book for paul, who shares a birthday with mom on may 1st), got something to eat at cafe luna, took a look around williams-sonoma (nice but expensive!), and ended the day by stretching out in the sun on the sloping lawn with the hedge letters spelling out “garden city” and eating some yummy turkish delight from the aforementioned ridiculously exorbitant establishment (my sister bought it, of course). this patch of landscaping is right near newport creamery, and as little kids dan and i used to climb the hill (it was so huge back then!) and play around the letters; i don’t think we were allowed to be up there, but that didn’t phase us. it was a very peaceful, relaxing, satisfying day – the weather was beautiful and the company was even better.

monday night, i had the fam over to celebrate mom and paul’s birthday. mom says paul was her best birthday gift – awwwww! we had hot dogs and burgers on the grill, and there were plenty of goodies. most of the pictures didn’t come out very well, but dan took a twin pic:

we both look pretty good in that color, eh? love the blue. and that’s not my original haircut – i took the scissors to it, as i’m apt to do following a professional haircut. there was previously another layer below what you see here; it would flip out in a somewhat cute manner, but the next day, after sleeping on it, it was just retarded. even this is more tame than it’s been; it tends to be poufy in stick out on the oddest fashion – i wish it would pick a texture, straight or curly! the other morning before heading off to work i took a shower and snipped away; i’ll most likely scrutinize it again in a few more days and do some more snipping, if necessary. at my parents’ old house, i had full-length mirrors on my closet doors, which made such an operation more succesful, being able to see my hair from all angles – now, i have to rely on a couple small bathroom mirrors.