most women probably know what “na” means in bra terms. for those of you who don’t – either because you’re a male of the species or because you’ve been blessed enough to never have to encounter those letters – it means “nearly a.” which means, in breast terms, “barely there,” or in keeping with the letters, “nearly absent.”

to my utter disparagement over the years, i’ve discovered that when i gain weight, i gain it last on top, and when i lose, i lose it first on top. no wonder i’m so disproportionate. well, i couldn’t help but notice the other day that even my na bra (the best-fitting one i’ve encountered so far, sad to say) wasn’t fitting so well. that should, in a weird roundabout way, be a good sign – i’m losing weight, right? alas, weight loss from that part of the body should not be celebrated. in any case, i couldn’t help dubbing my new size as nna – “not nearly a.” at least i gave myself a chuckle.