fainting spell

i fainted today. the last time i fainted was when i was sick in high school, so that was weird. now, i’m often dizzy or light-headed, but it never gets so far that i black out (actually, i “white out” – my vision gets white and hazy). i think it was because i was standing too long, so i must have really low blood pressure. i was at my second house-cleaning job of the day, for a little old lady who lives in n. kingstown, and i think i gave her a scare. i thought i just somehow kneeled on the floor in the midst of my white-out, but later found a burgeoning bruise on my hip where i must have knocked it on something. who knows. she made me get my lunch from the car, and kept looking at me, making me promise to not do any work at her house (she even told me to lie on her couch, but i refrained). she has… not sure how you spell it… menyaz disease, fluid in her inner ear, so she gets dizzy a lot. she must have related! i told her maybe i caught it from her; i kept trying to make light of the situation, not only because i felt silly but because i wanted her to stop worrying about me and carrying on. she eventually left for a doctor’s apt (later checked in with me twice), and i looked in the mirror and i was pale and shaky. it’s kind of like a panic attack – the episode itself makes you more nervous than whatever caused the episode in the first place. i was fine after that, though – slight ringing in the ears, something that comes with low blood pressure (though i’m not sure why, i should google it) – in fact, when i wasn’t eating for a short period in h.s., i had loud ringing in my ears and it was quite distracting. scary – i really do have voices in my head! anyhoo… i think my body was protesting another house to clean, and i’ve used it to justify over-eating easter candy. woo-hoo!