Jane’s baby shower

today as i was driving to providence to clean for my sister, i looked at all the cars driving along with me, and wondered how many of them i had seen before. think of it – sure, there are some cars you may recognize due to a particularly memorable license plate or bumper sticker, but what about the rest? what percentage have i potentially passed on the road before. maybe i pass many of them every day and don’t even know it.

last night i had an odd dream. i know what brought it on – over the weekend i went to my junior high friend jane’s baby shower (i can’t believe i’m saying that – it sounds so weird!); not only did she attend my old high school, but her parents live just down the street from its location in swansea. after – what? – nine years, i still know how to get there on my own. that’s scary. and i still get the familiar butterflies in my stomach as the building gets closer. hehe. i’m so glad i’m not in school anymore.

anyhoo… i dreamt i was back at neca, sitting in my mom’s english class. thing is, it was present time, and i was simply going back to school. of course, my mom doesn’t teach there anymore… but if i went back she would, too. that goes without saying. i was sitting in the front row, of course, and all the other kids were giving me strange looks. i had decided to go back to high school full-time because i had forgotten everything i learned. ha! now that part is true.

onto jane’s baby shower – it was lovely. i sure wish i could access my website and post a couple pictures – phooey! i was a little nervous because a) i hadn’t seen her in so long, and she is at such an important stage in her life, and b) i figured i wouldn’t know anyone else. but i had a grand ol’ time – i think one of my biggest problems is anticipation of an event, rather than the actual event itself. it was great seeing jane and talking to her, seeing her parents again, meeting some of the rest of her family and a few of her college friends. and the food that had been prepared – divine! i totally blew my diet in a matter of minutes. it was worth it, though. we watched the opening of the gifts (lots of “oohs” and “ahhs”) and played some fun games. jane, it was so good to see you. i wish you, micheal, and kj all the best. you’ll have to keep me posted!