there’s nothing worse…

“nothing is worse than paying too much for tv.”

huh? and some people probably believe it! sometimes in the morning i turn the tv on to watch the news or whatever while i eat breakfast, fold laundry, dust around the house, whatever. well, there was a commercial for some cable company, and that was the guy’s tagline. i couldn’t believe it! i can think of plenty of worse things. for instance: having to settle for a tall starbuck’s coffee rather than a grande, only being able to afford the one-at-a-time netflix membership rather than three (ahem!), having to pay too much for a movie ticket – i mean, the prices at the theatre these days, c’mon! =shakes head=

in all honesty… gimme a break, just scroll down to the “invisible children” and fuck the tv. sometimes i want to give up many of the things that people consider “luxuries” just to see how i’d get along without them (internet included – *gasp!*).