gimme some sugar baby

candy candy candy! i wish i could publish changes to my personal site and add this to my list of favorite links; for now, candy blog will have to remain in my internet favorites folder. i went online to check e-mail, add some movies to my netflix list, and visit some bead sites advertised in a couple magazines i just got… but i never got that far. i was totally sidetracked by the candy reviews on this blog. what a great idea! not that i could do this all the time – i’m trying to cut back as it is! – but a great excuse to try some new things. in the past i’ve tried a couple different candy bars from the international section at stop and shop. maybe i’ll make a point of looking for one new thing each week. what a great thing to look forward to! here are some of the things on the top of my list:

hanahiyori geen tea white chocolates
juntsuyu hard candies
twizzlers twerpz
glico men’s chocolate pocky
see’s awesome
whoppers twosomes
almond joy cookies
turkish delight
buderim ginger bears

does anyone know where i can get some japanese snacks? i can’t think of any local japanese markets. not sure if whole foods would have these types of things.