time to get ‘er fixed

nala is in heat for the first time, and she’s driving me crazy! she walks around with her belly low to the ground, back paws on tippy-toe, rear end up in the air, just waiting for a male specimen to come along and impregnate her. it’s pathetic. to make matters worse, she rubs against everything and emits these melancholy warbles, getting louder and louder with each progressing emission. i can’t stand it – i think i hate her right now. i just want to clobber her to make her shut up, and i think, “am i like this when i’m pms-ing?” hehe. i didn’t want to put her outside and risk having a litter of kittens on my hands, so i finally threw her out in the addition; she keeps wandering into the basement, though, where her warbles echo off the walls and resonate to the upstairs portion of the house. =sigh= guess i’ll be calling the vet soon – i don’t know how much longer i can take this!