dinner with dobos

i had my family over for dinner last night; i had been raving about the chinese dinner we had on valentine’s day and wanted to make it for them. the fried rice had issues – i tried brown rice, thinking it would be more authentic… and the only thing it helped it be more of was mushy. it didn’t help that my sister – bringing the asparagus, mind you, thank goodness it doesn’t take long to cook – was late, so the food was just sitting on the stove. =sigh=

it was fun, though. my mom was the first to arrive, and i put her to work helping me cut some chicken and stir some of the items – she was a good sport, a lifesaver! the wontons took forever to wrap because i didn’t have nikki to help me. hehe. and i discovered there was a rip in the bag, so some of the wrappers were dried out – i was kind of upset about that. oh well. i tried a new peanut dipping sauce to go along with them – soooo good! i’m afraid i ate a bunch of the leftover results this afternoon with some tortilla chips.

and now for the other item whose leftovers i par… partook? i made the infamous dobos torte, a recipe from the same book i used to make the dessert on v day. it came out *really* nicely, although the picture on that website is somewhat different from mine. my frosting was darker in color (even though i used one stick less of butter!), and i chopped white chocolate to press into the sides, and propped up the caramel triangles with broken pieces of peanut brittle i happened to have in the cupboard. it didn’t taste quite as well as it looked – but it was still fun to make.

needless to say – i had an evening and another afternoon of utter indulgence. aaarrrgh! i had been doing so well counting calories and picking healthy meals… and while some of my meals are still fine, others are pushing me way past my limit, well over 2,000. then my boss’s wife gave me a plate of valentine candies – i started with one, nibbling it daintily to make it last, and ended up scarfing down a few more over a couple hours. and since i’ve been busy, and tired to boot, i’ve stopped doing my exercise tapes. i need motivation! it was so nice to exercise outside on one of those warm days recently… but now it’s back to frickin’ freezing outside. eh, i have other excuses on my list – and the point is that it’s not getting done.

my favorite breakfast of the moment: 1/3-2/3 c upcountry multigrain pancake & waffle mix, 1/4 eggbeaters/better ‘n’ eggs, enough sugar-free calorie-free caramel flavored syrup to reach desired consistency. after the pancakes are done, top with a mixture of 1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 tablespoon ff cool whip, and some more of the caramel syrup. ohmigosh, it tastes so good!