abnormal normalities?

4 JOBS I’VE HAD that you probably haven’t (except the fourth one)
1. assistant supervisor at a hotel
2. live-in housekeeper/nanny at a million-dollar mansion on nantucket
3. wedding cake maker
4. waitress

4 MOVIES I’D WATCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN that you probably wouldn’t (except the fourth one)
1. the saint
2. wild hearts can’t be broken
3. dangerous beauty
4. lord of the rings

4 PLACES I’VE LIVED that you probably never have (except the fourth one)
1. wauwinet, nantucket island, ma
2. johnston, ri
3. exeter, ri
4. ri (is there an echo in here?)

4 TV SHOWS I LIKE(D) TO WATCH that you’ve probably never seen (except the fourth one)
1. i don’t remember the name… but it was a spanish soap opera!
2. keeping up appearances
3. rescue rangers
4. alias

4 PLACES I’VE BEEN ON VACATION that you haven’t (except the fourth one)
1. carlsbad caverns, nm
2. smuggler’s notch, vt
3. lewiston, me
4. california

4 WEBSITES I VISIT DAILY that you don’t (except the fourth one)
1. go fug yourself
2. postsecret
3. sparkpeople
4. dooce

4 OF MY FAVORITE FOODS that normal people hate (except the fourth one)
1. red, orange, and yellow peppers
2. cream of wheat
3. hummus
4. chinese

4 PLACES YOU WANT TO GO RIGHT NOW where no one would join me (except the fourth one)
1. bed
2. for a drive
3. back in time
4. any place tropical