blizzard mode

whenever there’s an impending snowstorm, i go into blizzard mode. it surpasses the “milk and bread” mindset, and goes for the goodies! when i got outta work this afternoon, i was going to run some errands and just be out so i could remember later on, while stuck in the house, that i did in fact have some freedom before the snow began to fall. i decided against it – too many people with the same idea. i got home, had a bite to eat… but was restless. long story short, i did run my errands, and came home not too heavily-laden: a couple mixes (multi-grain pancake/waffle mix, sans sucre chocolate mousse mix, sf ff pistachio pudding mix), two flavors of torani sugar-free syrup (vanilla and hazelnut), and a “single” serving container of triple chocolate tiger cake (or something like that). oh my.

backstory: i have been looking for a number of diet-conscious products for a while (let’s just forget right now that i mentioned the cake), and didn’t feel like traveling all over the state just for these few items. i get groceries at stop & shop, and while they have a pretty good selection, there are just some things you can’t find. wholefood’s and shaw’s seem to have some snazzy things, but neither of them are close by.

i had specifically been looking for the sugar-free, calorie-free, flavored syrups. there are quite a few brands – torani, davinci, moroni (i think), nature’s flavors, and so forth. some of them are traditionally used in coffee beverages, but think of how neat it would be to add them while baking, or as a topping for ice cream, whatever – the possibilities are endless! i’m thinking of trying the syrup in the pancake mix.

a couple other things – tofu shirataki noodles, which i know are at wholefood’s but were out last i went and sans sucre pudding/mousse mix, which i finally found at dave’s (only a couple flavors, though). i get sidetracked by all the unusual mixes, organic items, and so forth. there were even some yummy frozen meals – some indian style with chickpeas and spices, some with tofu, one chinese-style pad thai. good thing i didn’t have a whole cart, because i just got what my arms would carry.

but the cake… =sigh= i shouldn’t have entertained the temptation in the first place! dave’s has a little section of refrigerated gourmet goodies; some of them are whole cakes and cheesecakes, but some are single-sized, supposedly just perfect for not overdoing it! i’ve gotten the little carrot cake (it’s dome-shaped, like a big truffle), which was really good – but this time i moved onto the huge slab-like hunks of cake. there were plain chocolate (too much for me), lemon, raspberry, orange, and some others… then i saw the tiger cake, a mix of chocolate and vanilla with contrasting icings. heaven!

now, of course i’m getting these foods as part of the blizzard experience. all cozy in my home, watching one of the two dvds i got at blockbuster (haven’t gotten my latest netflix yet), fire roaring in the wood stove, breaking into one of my purchased snacks. well, i got home from errands not too long ago, not a hint of snow in the air… and already i’ve consumed three-quarters of the cake! what’s wrong with me? just say NO! i’m surprised i didn’t polish it off. i’ll wait for that until i see the first few flakes come down. hehe.

so, i keep vearing away from my resolve to eat more healthily. once i mess up, all hell breaks loose! i’m just glad i’ve been keeping up with the exercise; hopefully the residual effects are burning off the cake as i sit here.

what is everyone else planning on doing with the amount of snow we’re supposed to get (or what do you like to do in similar situations)? i’ll be home all by myself (well, nala will keep me company), watching movies and stuffing my face. probably writing e-mails, hoping i have friends who still love me! i just might use the time to fold some laundry, clean/organize the house… yeah, good-intention stuff.