low-cal tips

i’m determined to stay motivated in this my hundredth+ attempt to lose weight, get fit, and generally get on track in certain areas of my life. thus continues the ongoing journey that i’ve started with sparkpeople.

anyhoo… i just wanted to share some of the things that have helped me stay within my low-calorie diet… er, way of eating. i hate the word “diet.” here are some of the items on my food list that have been working:

southwestern eggbeaters (i might try some recipes with it)
apple with peanut butter and ground cinnamon

lunch or dinner
can of chicken broth with spices and veggies
large salad with veggies, dried fruit, maybe some cheese and nuts, with balsamic vinaigrette
stir-fry with olive oil, worcestershire sauce, soy mayo, veggies, and imitation crabmeat
imitation crab meat with soy mayo and celery (like a seafood salad)
mix of different canned veggies (peas and corn is a good combo), with olive oil and spices

laughing cow light creamy swiss triangles
international coffee flavors hard candies, sugar free
veggies and dip

instant decaf with ground cinnamon, splenda, and cappuccino or vanilla soymilk
sugar free drink mix (such as crystal light or wyler’s)

out to eat
soup and salad, with dressing on the side