sparks aflyin’

so i jumped on the bandwagon and signed up at sparkpeople. a couple days passed before i realized i could build my own food diary, rather than go by their planned menu. it’s a little frustrating trying to find the exact foods that i’ve consumed… but at least it gives me an idea of my nutritional consumption.

my goals aren’t the most realistic. part of me wanted to cut out food altogether, like the days of yore (=sigh=)… but that’s extremely frustrating and unhealthy. so… i’m aiming for below 1,000 calories. while i hate counting, i’m trying to pick foods that are already low-cal… fruits and veggies, etc. i’ve been having an apple with ground cinnamon and vanilla soymilk or an apple with peanut butter for breakfast, soup and salad or canned/stir-fried veggies for lunch and dinner. i finally allowed myself some cheese – the creamy swiss triangles from laughing cow are really good (it comes in a round, white and green box) – you can eat them plain, like i do, or spread them like you would cream cheese.

i read in a magazine recently of this new product called tofu shirataki noodles. apparently, they’re just like pasta… but only 40 calories for an entire bag! sounds like heaven to me. i can only find them on amazon, and am hoping they’ll pop up in the grocery stores (maybe whole foods?). apparently they’re found in the fridge section… so if you see ’em, let me know!

in other news… philip and i are considering attending the family life conference in newport this february. i’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while – i think we could really use the boost. even though it’s close by, it’s my opinion that staying at the hotel would make it a better experience… but philip doesn’t seem to like the idea. should i just give it to him for considering the conference at all… or push the idea of staying at the hotel? i feel that if we come home inbetween, it will ruin the atmosphere. at home, i’ll think of all the things i need to do, probably get impatient with him, yadda yadda yadda… and if we stay in newport, it will just be about us the whole time. (pause) which is, of course, the problem. i’ve forgotten what it feels like to focus on the important things, to be focused on.