the kong

don’t hate me… but i didn’t love “king kong.” i liked it, a great deal, but that’s extent of it. let me say that the effects were awesome; king kong in particular was amazing. yeah, the dinosaurs were great, too, but it just made me think of “jurassic park” (how can you help it?). the bugs were oh-so-effective and creepy, but rather reminiscent of… dammit, i’m sure becky will be able to help, because i forgot the name of the spider character in lotr.

naomi watts was excellent as ann darrow, but my sister and i were of the same opinion about there being far too much screen time devoted to long, quiet, loving stares into the kong’s eyes. granted, they can’t hold a conversation… but still.

jack black’s character was a disappointment. his portrayal as a sleezeball was carried off sucessfully… but something just didn’t fit. maybe because he’s more silly (think, “school of rock” or “shallow hal“) than sleezy, i dunno. i fully hoped and expected him to die, but alas, that did not happen. how awesome would that have been if the kong ate him on stage!

did anyone pick up on the fact that golum was in this movie? real name, someone? he was one of the ship’s mates, and died thrashing in the bug scene, eaten in various sections by those worm-like creatures (reminiscent of “star wars” and “dune”) in the bog. i think it’s his lips that give him away (because the facial hair and one closed eye disguised him somewhat).

anyhoo, where was i? oh yeah… what the hell was with the tribe? i didn’t get them at all. i haven’t seen any of the other kong movies, so maybe there’s nothing more to be gained about them… but i just found them wholly confusing and unappealing. at first they appeared to be in hiding, but then they started killing everyone for no reason. why didn’t they take prisoners and offer all of them as sacrifices? ah, but just the gorgeous woman would do. which brings us to the point that the only reason the ship returned to the island in the first place is because a gorgeous woman – scantily clad – was in danger. if that had been me, i’d have been s.o.l. but i digress… the whole trance with rolling eyes and shaking bodies further perplexed.

another thing – when the film crew in the movie first came upon the tunnel lined with skulls, why casually walk through like it’s just another set? i think that was the first hint that maybe they should hightail it outta there. the next clue, you ask? all the sticks… sticking out of the ground with skeletons and various remains scatter throughout. if it were so ancient, as jack’s character pointed out, i don’t think they would have been thus preserved.

someone – was it nikki? – mentioned how cool it was that kong was both gentle and powerful at the same time. mm-hm. i know this movie isn’t realistic to begin with… but the fact that he could be fighting off – four? – dinosaurs at the same time and not crush a woman’s body is ridiculous. and while he was running, surely her neck would have been broken. still – it was interesting!

my sister said that some of the earlier versions of this movie came out when bi-racial couples were a prevalent concern, and that the theme revolved around the relationship between that of a black man and a white woman. hm. interesting. in any case… when kong and ann are on top of the tower, after what seems like the last attack by the planes, kong sets her down for – i think – the last time. he turns away – in defeat, despair? – and i immediately thought to myself, they always decide “she’s not worth it.” hehe.

i didn’t cry… but i teared up at the end. i was upset for the poor creature – the fact that they captured him in the first place, and for mere monetary gains. and because of this the city was destroyed, people killed… and they were forced to kill kong himself. at least he was in the arms of his “lover”… or, er, she was… in his hand. in any case, the scene where he dies is a touching, if upsetting, one.

eh… peter jackson disappointed me. but when lotr is the standard, what can be done? the love story between the two people was somewhat touching, but underdeveloped, so the redeeming aspect is the special effects. when effects carry a movie, it’s no longer a sucess, in my book.

usually peter jackson has a small role in the movies he directs – a man coming out of a store and passing kate winslet’s character in “heavenly creatures,” and one of the barbarians on a ship in “lotr.” did he have a role in this one?