baby body

why aren’t you in school”
“where do you go to school?”
“you’re married?!”
“you’re too young to have kids.”

and heard today while leaving the library in front of a group of teenagers:

“she looks too young to drive!”

=sigh= i’m sure looking young will come in handy some day… but c’mon, gimme a break, how childish do i really appear? (pause) apart from my attitude, i mean.

let’s analyze this (like i did the whole way home): i’m not short (i’m 5’6″), i don’t [usually] wear pigtails or carry a backpack, i don’t wear teen fashions (mostly because i can’t fit into them). what’s the deal? i’ve come to the conclusion: i’m chubby, yet have no chest. great. don’t i feel swell. and oh-so-feminine. i told philip all this, and his reply? “you have a baby face.” what? “baby face?!” i’ve never heard that before! you know what “baby face” means? CHUBBY (at least, pertaining to the face). i might as well be baby body!