holiday hangover

no no no, i’m not drunk… but i am unbelievably tired. i suppose it doesn’t help that i’m sick. poor me. philip was sick for christmas, and i for new year’s. i’ve been miserable – stuffy/runny nose, sore-ish throat, popping in my ears, dizzy… earlier i referred to it as “unbalanced,” but that just opens up too many windows of opportunity for unnecessary ribbing.

i think i’ve racked up a considerable amount of sleep debt due to numerous late nights/early mornings over the holidays. granted, i didn’t want to miss out on getting together with my family – and, after all, christmas only comes around once a year! i just can’t seem to make up for the lost sleep! yesterday, i worked in the morning, did a few things around the house, then lay down in bed with the best intentions of reading a book i had gotten from the library. after a few pages, my eyes couldn’t take it anymore. i fell asleep around 2pm, going in and out of consciousness, until philip came home sometime after 5pm. i got up around 7pm and had a bite to eat. i finally went back to bed about an hour later, and lay there watching a movie.

this morning, i was only slightly aware of philip getting ready to leave around 6:30 in the morning. ugh. some odd, disturbing dreams ensued, my cat trying to wake me up by gently pawing my face (feed me, lazy human!), putting the covers over my face. i finally roused myself around 9am – i didn’t even realize it was snowing! my, this should be a fun day.

anyhoo… happy new year! hehe. we did have a grand time at home for the occasion. we didn’t have the traditional fireworks that our friend lindz brings – she was awol this time around. but all the siblings and my cousin elissa from mn came. i made pizza rolls (chicken and broccoli, chicken and sundried tomato, and pepperoni), elissa brought a huge ham from her dad, laura brought fresh fruit and yummy blackberry wine sorbet with “hip wip” from wholefoods, there were various types of imbibements, plus some ice cream sandwiches and various candies for good measure.

we played group solitaire (not sure what the official name is), hoopla, and family feud. around midnight we poured wine and sparkling cider, put the tv on in time to see the ball drop, and finished the evening with the movie “clue” (some of the members couldn’t agree on a movie – too much nudity, not enough nudity, yadda yadda… so we finally chose that). i think i fell asleep three-quarters into the movie, and woke up near the end, in time to say farewell to all the guests. at least there wasn’t too much cleaning up because we had used disposable plates ‘n’ such.

not making any resolutions this year. but i came across a good idea in a magazine: new year’s wishes. if you don’t keep your resolutions, you feel guilty… but if your wishes don’t come true, then it just wasn’t mean to be. you make a list of a few good and bad things that happened over the year. then you burn the list – throw it in the fire, light it with a match on the sidewalk, whatever. make a new list with a few realistic things you would like to accomplish/see happen/work on/etc. put that list on the fridge or somewhere where you can check your progress throughout the year. i like the idea of letting go of the past, and hoping for the future. i’ll have to think about those lists for a while…

some holiday highlights (said directly to me – like, to my actual face):
“you put on some weight!”
“you sound just like jessica simpson! you make a cute couple like her and nick… except… not anymore, ‘cuz they’re divorced.”
“when are you gonna have a baby? don’t you want a baby?”