merry christmas & happy new year!

if you haven’t received my christmas card with accompanying newsletter, you may want to skip this… or else it will be entirely redundant. and as this isn’t on pretty snowflake stationery, it won’t be as fun to read. hehe. in any case, the following is this year’s content of my annual newsletter:

Each year when the holidays roll around, I’m amazed at the speed with which they have arrived. And the dead accuracy on the bull’s-eye of my unpreparedness… if that makes any sense. But you get the idea. I usually take the time to write little tidbits throughout the year as important events and happenings come and ago; that way, it’s easier to put this together. However, I have procrastinated in this respect – perhaps due to the fact that nothing has happened. I like to think that I’ve been insanely busy and amazingly productive and simply have not had the time; one of my New Year’s resolutions should be “Stop Fooling Yourself!”

Some of you may know that I survived a harrowing accident involving my car and… well, the trunk of a tree. Gotta love the New England winters and the dense foliage on either side of the highway! My main concern upon impact was not my leg pinned under the dashboard; no, it was looking around at my new car in ruins, wondering what Philip’s reaction would be when he learned of what I had just done to one of our long-awaited expenditures. The reason I sit here today is because I no longer have the use of my legs, so all there is to do is sit around every day and… naw, not really, I’m fine. What ensued was a short stint with some fancy crutches and some amusing hobbling around for a while. In addition to the fact that – despite outward appearances – I really am fine, I am happy to report that we did finally locate and purchase another Ford Explorer. And this we got the color right (blue!).

Despite the time earlier jibe about keeping busy, both of us are in fact finding ways to occupy our time. Philip still has his full-time job at Hardwood Design in Exeter, which he thoroughly enjoys (to find out more about the company – and perhaps order a custom stairway! – visit their website at He often has side jobs on evenings/ weekends, and has been fortunate to have a network of customers lined up. If that weren’t enough, there’s always the faithful standb: his second “full-time job” at the volunteer fire department here in town (unfortunately, the pay sucks). In fact, he missed his own surprise birthday party this year because of his extreme dedication to this cause. I try to laugh about it, if only to save face.

After much though, consideration, and deliberation (I had a lot to think about!), I finally quit my job at the hotel. It’s a long story, and I don’t have enough holiday stationery, so let’s just say that it was extremely stressful and not worth the pay. I still work part-time for a dentist in North Kingstown as a secretary/assistant, a low-key job which I enjoy, and for which I am actually appreciated. Because we don’t make a habit of entertaining, some people are of the notion that I know how to keep a clean house (perhaps that’s also due to the fact that I used to be a housekeeper). To balance out sitting at a desk for a few hours a day, I clean about five homes regularly. I can’t seem to get away from domestic chores, no matter how hard I try! If anything came of my baking skills I’d really feel like Suzy Homemaker.

The addition to our home is ever-changing, as each completed step coincides with the amount of funds trickling in (which would also explain why it’s not done yet). Some of the highlights: roof shingles, red cedar siding shingles, plumbing, re-modeling of existing bathroom, bar-top counter in half of kitchen, new wood stove. I asked Philip when – realistically – he thought it might be done, and he said within the next two years. That seems like a long time, especially since it has already been an ongoing project for four… but they have flown by. Living in a house that is a constant project can be frustrating, and I’m just waiting until I can pick out new curtains and furniture and move in already!

At the end of May, we drove to Indiana with my family to attend my twin brother Dan’s graduation from Taylor University. It was an outdoor event, and those of us who were unwitting enough to leave the house without straw hats and ski masks ended up with lobster-hued skin. I was in immense pain for a few days afterwards, and still have a minor tan line from the shirt I wore that day (“tan” meaning a darker shade of pale).

Inescapable milestones: we are each a year older (hopefully wiser, but not holding my breath), and have put up with each other for a grand total of four years. Hard to believe, I know. Also, we have acquired a cat! We got her as a kitten, so were able to witness the full extent of her playfulness. And I use that word loosely, to include such aspects as “destructive tendencies” and “inclination to climb walls.” She is white with black patches (or the other way around, if you prefer). We picked her out from a small litter; I loved the fact that she had a black patch in the shape of a peace sign on top of her ahead. Calling her “peace” felt strange, so I looked online for synonyms and finally settled on “Nala” – isn’t that purty?

Each year I tell myself to pare down the newsletter, restrict it to one page. And despite the crucial editing process it never happens! Probably because I have a tendency to blather on and on and on and on… I still haven’t gotten around to the obligatory wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous (yadda yadda yadda) holiday season – but there you have it. Christmas plans are still up in the air, but doesn’t the mystery just add to the fun? Wishing you all the best…

With Love,
Karla & Philip Curry