seven 7s

seven things i hope to do before i die:
1. have a baby
2. travel to a foreign country
3. learn how to knit
4. continue my education
5. finish our addition
6. lose weight (ha!)
7. learn at least one dance

seven things i cannot do well:
1. parallel park
2. drive standard
3. tell jokes/stories
4. pick just one gift for someone
5. hide my feelings/fake it
6. lose weight (ha!)
7. draw

seven things that would attract me to my future husband:
(guess i should write about my husband, since it’s only appropriate… although i’ll probably stick with what initially attracted me to him, because it’s easier!)
1. sincerity
2. honesty
3. tenderness
4. willingness to sit and hold me while we listened to music
5. telling me i’m beautiful
6. quiet thoughtfulness
7. compassion for others

seven things i say often:
1. “i’m so stupid!”
2. “sure”
3. “fine” or “alright” (when asked how i am or the day went)
4. “nothing” (when asked what’s wrong)
5. “nooooo!” (to the cat, usually)
6. movie quotes (to my family members who understand, both for mutual entertainment or quizzing purposes)
7. lotr

seven authors, books, or series I love:
1. francine rivers/mark of the lion series
2. charlaine harris/sookie stackhouse southern vampire series
3. jane austen… though i confess i find the movies easier to watch
4. amelia bedelia!
5. jane green (all her books so far)
6. she’s come undone, by wally lamb
7. olivia goldsmith (forget the specific title at this moment)

seven movies i watch over and over again:
1. “wild hearts can’t be broken”
2. “indiana jones”
3. “the saint”
4. anything dreamworks
5. “ever after”
6. “robin hood” (at my grandmother’s)
7. “the matrix”

seven people i want to do this:
so i can’t count! :)