War of the Worlds – what a disappointment

i have been refraining from renting movies from blockbuster since i have a netflix membership (only $9.99/mos for one movie at a time, unlimited rentals), but since we got chinese for dinner, and it’s right next door, i figured, “why not?”

what an utter disappointment. i was so… disappointed. i had to agree with this rather honest and simplistic [partial] netflix review by a fellow member:

I wish there [was] more

of the ships/aliens attacking Earth and why they ground up the bodies and spit em out (although there was a theory by Tim or Tom that it was fertilizer) when they could just level everthing with one point of the laser.WHY????What was the purpose? What were they growing???? Why didn’t they see that there was no protective shield around the top of the machines? Surely with all that shooting and missile launching they would have hit one up there. It took Mr. Cruise to decide that if the birds can sit on it then there must not be a shield in that area?? What is with the ending??? Why is his ex-wife and her family so CLEAN and NEAT with all the chaos going on around them? Come on!

hehe. i like the “WHY????” the part about his family being so “CLEAN and NEAT,” that’s so true! that was my first reaction to seeing them at the end. were they the only ones unaffected? my sister mentioned having seen it a while back, and she said something along the lines of it being an interesting character study – what comes out in people under those desperate circumstances. but i didn’t really find it interesting at all; it pissed me off.

some more observations:

The magnetic field made it so cell phones and watches don’t run. Even flashlights fail at the start. Yet, in the same scene someone is using a camcorder to film the alien machine and another guy is using his cell phone to snap a photo! Did the writer forget he just showed these items don’t work 3 minutes earlier??? While “normal” cars don’t run (unless the solenoid has been replaced), every Army vehicle runs!… Dakota Fanning appears a very mature 10 year old at the film’s start. Then suddenly she does a Sybil and spends the rest of the film screaming at the top of her lungs like a silly 4 year old.

i have to admit, i noticed the camcorder being used, but didn’t think to be like, “hey, that’s not supposed to be working!” which is weird, because i like to find flaws like that in movies. the writer above mentioned no gas lines or watermains breaking… but there were some pipes that broke, so that wasn’t entirely correct. it’s true, though, the devastation would have been more disastrous.

i, too, found rachel annoying – i tried not to judge because, after all, i’ve never been in an “end of the world” situation… but her screaming did grate on my nerves. and the son… typical moody teenager, and even though everyone around him is dying, he’s still arguing with his father! it would have made more sense if he had died, but that’s just my opinion. there was no real explanation for the whole shebang (most of which took place in a basement – ho hum), and little was left to the visual imagination.