christmas tree

we got our christmas tree yesterday! we – or, rather, i – have this “tradition” of walking around nicky littlefield’s tree lot in north kingstown for over an hour, traipsing the ailes, looking for The Perfect Tree. after the first ten or fifteen minutes, they all start to look the same! one of us might suggest a specimen, then quickly decide that it’s too bushy or too sparse or otherwise tagged by another family (that’s the worst, because by then you think you’ve finally found The One).

anyhoo… we did much better than last year, probably due to the fact that i had worn my high-heeled boots. my toes were at funny angles, practically frozen, and i was limping along in a pathetic manner. i was like, “let’s just pick one so we can go warm our feet!” nicky does serve cider and hot chocolate in his shed, but – as philip pointed out – what was i gonna do, pour it down my shoes? hehe. he has a woodstove going in there, which is comfy, but but your feet don’t really warm up until you take your shoes and socks off – which i wasn’t about to do.

nick’s house is not far from his tree farm, and i told philip we should try and find his cat, which roams the yard (the cutest little grey furball that dotes on attention). while we were sipping cider in the shed, philip says, “there’s your cat.” curled up in a pillow by the woodstove, under the overhang of a picnic bench, was the kitty. you could tell she was reveling in the heat eminating from the stove, and when i pet her she just stretched her head out and gave a sort of kitty “smile.” when i stopped at one point, she lightly pawed at my hand, pleading for a continuance. hehe.

before putting the tree up, we decorated the outside with lights. i put a string of white lights around the big wreath next to the front door, and philip put colored lights on the outline of the front of the house.

the next obstacle: where to put the tree. we usually put it in a front corner, by the window. but i’ve rearranged the house a number of times, adding and removing various pieces of furniture, and decided it wouldn’t do there. instead, we put it in front of the bookcase, more towards the door, and it’s actually quite nice there. it’s not too big, so it doesn’t hide the shelves, and doesn’t get in the way of traffic areas. we strung the pretty set of round, white, faceted lights. when i got out the ornaments philip said, “oh, you want to decorate the whole thing tonight?” i was like, “what did you think we were gonna do?” he pointed out our previous concern of the cat, anticipating a funniest-home-videos moment, complete with the crashing of the christmas tree and ornament breakage. mm, yeah, i’m kind of worried about that… so we put a couple strategically-placed ornaments on the tree, just to see how nala would react. so far, so good, although she has displayed some interest. mostly, she just drinks from the metal stand. hehe.