i love caedmon’s call – this song in particular is beautiful, and somewhat fitting. that group, along with burlap to cashmere (or, “bushells to barells,” as my sister once called them) and bebo norman, have the power to transport me back to my younger days. (pause) yeah, i’m only twenty-five, but i still have younger days! i always think of riding in charlene’s red jetta, on the way to impact (oasis’ predecessor) or brewed.

last night were the calling hours at the funeral home for katherine’s mom. kat is one of my high school best friends, and we’ve actually known each other since we were little. besides knowing her from school and staying over her house, our families attended sister churches, and i used to accompany her and her family to maine for vacation. we have so many memories of those trips. =sigh=

despite the somber occasion, i saw some people i knew, and had a good time talking with them for a while. i saw ron and jean, friends and former employers – the owners of a diner where i used to waitress. my parents have known them since before i was born, and i used to eat at their restaurant when i was little, and then i landed the job. the place has since closed, and they’ve moved on to other things, but we became friends through that particular stint. i miss seeing them every day. funny, when you think of all the connections – both my brother and matt used to work there, ron and jean were of course friends with the rowe family, and i met katherine at ron and jean’s daughter’s baby shower. weird.

there were many pictures on display at the funeral, both recent and of the black and white variety. it’s amazing how much kat looks like her mother, when the latter was young. i felt all choked up, seeing all those images, and imagining the countless memories behind them.

it got me thinking about my own family, as these types of things have a tendency of doing. it’s already hard for me to see my grandparents age, grow seemingly more fragile with each visit. and to think of watching that happen to my own parents – that’s scary. i know it’s just the way of things, the course of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

ps – nikki, it was so good to see you last night, even if you weren’t able to come with me! at least we had the excuse and got to talk for a while. *grin*