it’s that time of the year…

i can’t believe it’s december! i was getting rather annoyed when radio stations started playing christmas music before thanksgiving; i would hear the start of a familiar jingle and furiously hit one of the buttons. how dare they jump the gun! now that thanksgiving has come and gone, though, it’s okay. i revel in the holiday season. (pause) okay, so that’s not entirely true… i cannot stand the bustling crowds and ridiculous ploys to get people to spend their money on extravagant and meaningless gifts. however, i enjoy getting all my decorations out – humble as they may be – and making my little home look festive. and when we get a tree – which, of course, is always bigger in the house than it originally looked in the lot – i have a blast unwrapping each ornament from its tissue paper, reliving the story behind each one, and placing it in its own spot on the perfect branch. =sigh=

okay, so gifts are fun too… but that’s only a small part of the holiday (granted, one that takes up way too much time and energy and funding). i am happy to report that i have almost finished shopping, and that i at least have specific ideas for the last of the people on my list. i already wrapped a couple of the gifts – can’t save it all ’til the last minute! – but have to wait until the other collections have been completed so i can put them altogether. i’m so excited! i’ve gotten my christmas/new year’s letter written and just have to get some stationery and mail ’em out. oh – and i designed some new earrings, and hope those go over well (with the females, anyway, hehe).

today was cleaning day at the dentist office where i work. i finished early, then decided to dig out a couple decorations from the closet – fake greenery with pinecones and ribbons with a candle in the center, snowman basket, and – i kid you not – fiber optic bonsai. don’t ask! the lights are pretty, at least. tonight, i asked philip to fish out all my holiday containers from the attic, and tonight i’ve been “decking the halls,” as it were. most of the items are ornaments that have to be patient until we have a tree, but there are still some other items i was able to put around the room. i hung up some sparkly white snowflakes alternately with three glass/iron ornaments (penguin, angel, santa, respectively) in varying lengths from some nails from the beam in our living room. i hung our stockings from a couple nails on the chimney, put a couple santa decorations around (one is holding a bulb that has one of those glitter lights on it; when it gets hot it bubbles), stuck a couple extra snowflakes in the potted plants by the window… what else? i’ll be hanging ribbon from the window frames to hang christmas cards on – when they’re full, they look so festive.

i really want to go to michael’s and target and get some more lights, because we only have a couple sets for the tree, and some of the bulbs are out. i have enough ornaments for the tree, but i really need some other knicky-knacks… though i’m not sure what. i don’t like too much tchotchke year-round, but during the holidays it’s fun. to think, this will all be over with – *snap!* – like that. and we’ll be putting everything away, starting a new year. =sigh= i guess it should be refreshing, but it’s not. damn new year’s resolutions.