5 strange habits of mine

philip would probably say, “only five?” maybe i should ask him for some input. i’m afraid there might be things about me that i’m so used to doing, they’re “normal” for me.

1. whenever i get a gift from someone, i circle the house until i find the “perfect spot.” i will hold it up to the wall, put it on a shelf, shake my head and try another spot. philip just sits back and laughs. aloud. some people think i’m ocd in this respect, but that’s just silly.

2. i am constantly rearranging the furniture. and the decorations. i get bored!

3. apparently i should like red chowder, because i’m from rhode island… but i don’t. i prefer white or clear. and i pick the clams out of clamcakes. let’s just say i’m not a huge seafood fan in general (although i love salmon and scallops, and sometimes shrimp). (pause) guess that’s not really a “habit,” but oh well.

4. i love chocolate – especially with different flavors in the centers. i’ll get a box of russel stovers or something similar, and start eating my way through it. i’ll bite into half, look at it while i thoughtfully chew, and put it back if i don’t like it.

5. i’m paranoid about car problems. whenever i hear a funny noise, my face gets all hot and i swear my car is going to fall apart, the sides will come off, and i’ll be stuck driving around in this dinky metal frame. hehe.