isn’t one curse more than enough?

becky included a link to an article entitled, “called to the home – called to rule.” this has fueled a discussion of the particular opinions of this author, who goes on to discuss god’s intention for women, which boils down to her basically staying within the home; the article cites proverbs 9 as an example of its point. i would have to wholeheartedly agree with the statement that, “the woman who labors to provide for her family while trying to maintain her role as wife and mother voluntarily takes upon herself both the curse of [laboring for provision] and the curse of the woman.” and here comes the proverbial “but”… and here is my response (not thoroughly pondered at this time, but nonetheles):

the author has a lot to say, and she does use scripture to make her point… but i would have to agree that there are some things that just aren’t feasible in this day and age. although, maybe that’s because we don’t wan’t them to be feasible; it would be “inconvenient” for us. if woman were to quit their jobs for the sake of obedience to god, i suppose we really would be relying on his provision in our lives, because most of us probably would not be able to make ends meet. this article really did nothing but make me feel guilty, because on the one hand i’m “obeying my husband” who told me i need to have a job (even when i was unhappy with one place of employment, he made it clear i would have to look for another one), and on the other hand i’m disobeying god who – apparently – desires that i reach my full potential as a woman by staying at home. so… are those woman who have a careers out of their homes considered legitimate? or is it only if they’re doing domestic chores (and perhaps don’t porift monetarily from it)? we could analyze this point of view to no end, i’m sure, but i just don’t think it’s realistic. don’t even get me started on those woman who don’t have kids (are they then allowed to work, because they don’t have to go through childbirth and child rearing?) i say that only because i was given rather harsh counsel by my pastor before getting married, when i told him i wasn’t planning on having kids (at least, not right away). eh… i don’t know. i haven’t reached any sort of conclusion on the matter. :P