Free Under the Sea Subtraction Worksheet

We're plugging along with our homeschool year, though to be quite honest I'm glad there are only a few weeks left! I'm a big fan of piecing together my own curriculum, though it takes a lot of work and the array of choices is staggering and overwhelming - and expensive! Even when using a packaged … Continue reading Free Under the Sea Subtraction Worksheet


We Have a Pig

I started writing this towards the end of last year and never got around to finishing it. Well, now or never... and it is a bit of fun news. Seriously. I feel like I'm making a joke every time I say that... but we have a pig. We've kept bees, we've had a dog, cats, … Continue reading We Have a Pig


How do you cope with Life? Lately, everything feels overwhelming. I've always tended towards cynicism and negativity, though I like to consider it being realistic. Let's face it - if you have a rosy view of reality, you're apt to become sorely disappointed. As I've gotten older, as my responsibilities have increased, the stress has … Continue reading Coping